Don’t be argumentitive with a candidate?

Isn’t that our job?  Aren’t we the people working to vet candidates for the presidency by any means necessary?  Love this bit…


The truth hurts…

It really does.  A lot of times you hear about a politician’s inability to answer a question directly.  These guys are the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to redirection, or just plain ignoring the question.  There is a lot of psychology involved in what excrement falls from the politician’s mouth.  Every four years you hear about the new guy that isn’t like this, and there are always a million reasons why that is.  Still, you either ignore what their core values are, or they haven’t been around long enough to have established those core values to the public.  Then you vote for them, and its exciting until they make their associations to corporate interests apparent through their policy or lack there of.  For years I’ve looked at Ron Paul.  Every time I ended up convincing myself that the guy is just crazy, and we need something more “electable”, more “presidential”.  See, thats the public opinion.  People keep electing “electable”, “presidential” candidates.  Never mind the crazy guy who has stood for the same libertarian rights our constitution promised for the last 45 years.

So whats different now?  This isn’t the first time Ron Paul has run for the office of Commander and Chief.  I think its pretty simple.  America is pissed off, and tired of the rederik, and Paul represents that American.  The jobless, the 99%, the intellectual youth, the lament ’08 Obama supporter, the ultra conservative, and yes even the crazy conspiracy theorists too.  People are beginning to listen to his ideas, and realize… ya, why haven’t we done that shit already?  Still, a lot are confused why there is no media organization backing this guy; Republicans and Democrats find him dangerous!  Oh there goes the media again using fear to craft what we know and love as public opinion. 

This is what I have learned.  I can’t trust a politician, and I sure as hell can’t trust the media-scape.  A politician is an ego driven puppet that pilots their never ending campaign, which is fueled by a sea of corporate funding.   Ron Paul isn’t a politician; He’s a libertarian who has bold solutions to the problems Americans deal with every day.  Whats the difference?  Paul doesn’t care about the campaign, or special interest.  He just works for the American people, and his record proves it.

Its time to vote for the crazy guy.

Romney 2012!

Its not that I don’t want a President that buys this add. I just don’t want one that paid for it with funds from special interest groups. Am I mad? Yup, and I’m tired of listening to candidates that preach half truths. I am tired of trying to figure out how a candidate can flip-flop their position or policy to benefit their campaign before I cast a vote.

The special interest of this nation should be the people that reside in it! NOT the corporations that pay billions to twist it into something that is simply profitable. My country is not a commodity.

Just ignore him and he’ll go away…

Its apparently a two person race at this point, even though neither person is Ron Paul.  He has the number 2 spot in NH so why exactly do we never hear his name? If you do hear about Paul its usually in reference to his “insanity“, or just taking the opportunity to mock his foreign policy.

Why don’t people think for themselves? The majority vote for whatever name they hear most often in the media. This is one of the primary reasons we ended up with a two party system. Aren’t people interested in a candidate that doesn’t associate themselves with special interest groups, and instead is focused on our constitutional rights? When do people speak for themselves?

I don’t want to be a Democrat!
I don’t want to be a Republican!
I want to be free.