What Hillary and Donald Taught Me

A lot of people want us to believe, and ultimately support candidates in this election. Some of us do genuinely support the ideals. Few will come out in full support, moral or otherwise simply because the candidates themselves are toxic. That in itself might be a testament to our current social state, and a different topic all together. A bigger problem is we the people, as voters are lost. Our focus has been manipulated by both sides, and the issues just aren’t a priority. This might be because of our love affinity with drama in the social media space, or maybe because the clouded issues themselves give us an excuse to hide behind when we step into the voting booth to make a decision. Ultimately, this is the problem that should be recognized, and before you make your choice you should take a “huge” step back. If we drop every circumstantial, moral, or otherwise distracting argument.. what candidates do we have?  

Trump – Standard array of conservative ideals. Claiming to stand up against the establishment.

Clinton – Standard array of liberal ideals. Claiming the establishment isn’t in error.

Office Requirement – Strong  / Unyielding  / Educated / Diplomatic / Empathetic / Leader

That’s it! There aren’t any long drawn out platforms guaranteed to bore you, or moral arguments geared towards dissenting you from your social circle. No overbearing tones that scream Republican or Democrat. This is exactly where we are now, and what we are about to vote for. Every election comes down to voting for conservative or liberal ideals in this two-party system. So, subscribe to ideals which best suit you and vote.. right?!  That second part though.. is kind of a big deal.

Claiming to stand up against the establishment, or maintaining that the establishment is working as intended.. IS the issue. The root of the passion felt from either side of the aisle feeds off of this. This is the divide. On one side Americans are frustrated with politicians, lobbyists, corporate/political corruption, etc.., and want it/them to end. On the other side Americans feel the way things are currently is the only way to make the aforementioned things change. So is there a right or a wrong here, or even a place for us grab some kind of footing to support a position?

The problem with this is the definition of “the establishment”. It’s impossible to take an educated stance on these ideals simply because the basis for them is false. The establishment is money. No, I’m not going to dive into a narrative about how money is bad, and capitalism is the root of all evil. I don’t need to.. capitalism will take care of that all by itself. What I will point out is the lack of foundation either position has on actually “changing” anything at all. With Hillary we get more Washington bureaucracy, and open-ended political terms, and with Donald we get.. Wait, what do we get? Trump comes from money; He is the establishment. Didn’t we just suffer a devastating financial collapse that was primarily due to big money, and real estate? The banks played a larger part in that scheme so they are the ones to blame right?

This is why things get weird. This is why issues get clouded. This is why our buttons get pressed. Distractions are engineered to do all of these things while dividing us. If it’s the truth you are looking for you don’t have to subscribe to Alex Jones, or spend your waking existence scouring the dark web. Let common sense and special interest guide you. Donald Trump has no special interest in destroying the establishment. Yes, that may be my opinion, but it isn’t to say Donald is lying rather telling a half-truth, (and who said he couldn’t be a politician).

What if the Republican party was in the crosshairs? Special interest suggests Trump wants to restructure the Republican party, or author a third-party that focuses on constitutionalist ideals outside of the financial norm, (the fractional reserve system, and corporate oligarchs). A corporate party. No, not the kind that happens once a year around Holiday where everyone gets a little bit on tilt, and that one guy does something they regret. A legitimate political party that works internally to push corporate agendas while placating citizens with constitutionalist ideals. Think of the political over-reach a party like that would have in Washington. Lobbyists simply wouldn’t be necessary, and regulations would be an oxymoron at every level. It would promise growth in the GDP, jobs, overall raise in median income, and it would deliver. So what’s the problem with that?

It’s a snake in the garden. For all of you God-fearing folks out there take heed. For over a century our government has made promises, but at some cost. We get constitutionalist ideals if we indirectly support the money, which means we depend more on the money. Money all by itself is not red, blue or purple. It is power, and any change it produces is done so by the people who have the most of it.  Money and politics should not, and can not intersect at any point for a natural republic to thrive.

So, now I’m standing here in a voting booth. I’ve thought about this for months, and done my best to ignore the distractions. Is there a vote for real change this election? NO. Understand that neither candidate brings the change we need to the table. Should I vote based on my moral ideals, and hope for some security? This is your choice, and your right as an American citizen with the right to vote. Understand this vote is not given on your part, but instead transacted as that vote is bought and paid for by “X” candidate. Any ideals you hope to secure with that vote may or may not develop depending on what special interests stand to gain. So, what then? At this moment I can’t help but feel that all of this.. The candidate choices, the system, and institutions we’ve implemented. All of it is our fault. We have a knack for shifting blame so it never settles on us, but forget the first line of the constitution reads, “We the People..”. It’s time I accepted my part of the blame for this debacle, and focus on what’s important. At this point I feel my best option is to vote for a candidate that meets the office requirement solely.

Office Requirement – Strong  / Unyielding  / Educated / Diplomatic / Empathetic / Leader

Real change will not, and should not happen during an election cycle. It should begin and end with the people. It should begin in the lowest forms of government, and spread through the ranks. It should take time. I don’t feel bad for not doing something sooner, because I’m doing something now. Today my vote goes to who best represents me while we work together to make real change.

$_ Ø_ lll  2016


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