Follow the Money

So who exactly are these candidates in debt to if they were elected in 2012?  By the looks of things, Obama and Romney are virtually the same candidate, and Paul is in debt to the American people.  Still, its not about who provides but how much there is to spend.  Americans need to inform themselves, and more importantly be honest with themselves about who they are voting for and why.

Top Contributors to Ron Paul | OpenSecrets.

Top Contributors to Mitt Romney | OpenSecrets.

Top Contributors to Barack Obama | OpenSecrets.


2 responses to “Follow the Money

  1. It seems to me Romney is getting money from big companies that were Bailey out. I’m personally looking to newt to best Obama because even though Paul is the best man I don’t see him beating Obama and getting enough backing from the republican party. I think once trump endorses newt next week things will start to take off for his campaign

  2. He certainly has his moments, and then again… he certainly has his moments. By that I mean to say that sometimes he sounds knowledgeable, and other times he sounds like a complete dick who is completely out of touch with the American people. Even still, he is our former speaker of the house and that title commands some degree of respect. Then again you could ask yourself… with said title; Why was he unable to move Washington away from partisan behavior, slow lobbyists from ensuring our legislature, or even just stop himself from speaking to anyone with condescension?

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