What is “Blowback”?

This is the kind of thing that helps build foreign relations. It really drives home the true nature behind our occupation of their country. Glad to be an American. /sarcasm off

Marines allegedly urinate on dead Taliban in video – Army News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq – Army Times.


Vermin Supreme

A crazy guy who speaks his mind, and doesn’t pander himself for the benefit of corporate welfare?  Wait, thats not Ron Paul!  Obviously it is not Dr. Paul and this is an exageration, but its disgusting that the media has painted him with similar regard in the past.  Its only after a declining state of affairs and an overwhelming crowd of organized truth seekers that respect is just beginning to be recognized for Ron Paul’s political views.  Keep up the good work; The good fight.

The truth is only visible to those willing to open their eyes.

State of Opinion

The tide seems to be changing slowly with Paul’s 2nd place victory tonight in NH.  His campaign is beginning to demand respect.  However, I don’t expect him to do well in either SC or FL.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the state of opinion.  Public opinion is fluid by nature, and is changing to favor Dr. Paul, but there are still some large hurdles to overcome before elections of any kind are won. Most people at this point are searching for a candidate they believe can beat Obama, and that person right now is Mitt Romney.  Personally, I don’t think that is the reality as Paul can swing more Dem votes from Obama, and he is currently stealing a lot of the Dem’s younger voters. The only reason real money and media aren’t backing Paul is because he doesn’t support their interests in the fashion they are used to.  Actually, he does support their interests as he fights for free trade and constitutional rights, but that is a far stretch from what big corps are used to at this point in the political landscape. So we move forward and see what the race brings. Will the people of the nation realize what the value of truth is, and then not lie to themselves; Will they vote for Ron Paul?

Follow the Money

So who exactly are these candidates in debt to if they were elected in 2012?  By the looks of things, Obama and Romney are virtually the same candidate, and Paul is in debt to the American people.  Still, its not about who provides but how much there is to spend.  Americans need to inform themselves, and more importantly be honest with themselves about who they are voting for and why.

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